• Things need to know about using laser hair removal

    Things need to know about using laser hair removal at home

    If you were a typical pre-teen, shaving was a milestone. The seal of approval from mom and dad to finally get rid of body hair felt like it had been years in the making. I should have known that the excitement was as short lived as my first crush. From then on, shaving became a tedious task, often resulting in razor burns and years of spending large sums of money to find the right razor. At the age of 31, I finally threw in the towel and became a convert to laser hair removal. I am very happy. The difference, however, is that I did it in the comfort of my own home.

    When Laser Hair Removal The first thing that comes to mind would be thinking of making an appointment at a professional's office. You have to spend precious hours of your day to expose an intimate part of your body to a stranger for a series of sessions. However, what I did was far from that.

    From eyelash extensions to gel manicures and everything in between has spawned a new wave of products that were once considered out of reach for the DIYer. Are they safe? Are they easy? Are they expensive? We've tried DIY lashes. I've tried gel manicures. But what has my heart is laser hair removal at home.

    I love self-care, but the last thing I want to feel when I'm treating myself is frustration and pain. My experience with laser hair removal at home was anything but. Instead, I found a very easy and effective solution to skip the razor blades altogether.

    From a first-timer's perspective, here is everything you need to know about laser hair removal at home.

    How is laser hair removal at home different from the type used in offices?

    Before I started laser hair removal at home, it was important for me to know the process I was going to go through, so I used a specialist of the brand I wanted to use.

    Energy-based hair removal methods like laser and Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) are hair removal methods that provide long-term results, says Miriam Leitzler, head of Braun Women's Beauty Research and Development. The most important difference is the type of light used to achieve the results. IPL has a wide range of wavelengths and a broad beam of light, compared to the narrow focus of laser light, which has a single wavelength. IPL effectively reduces the regrowth of hair and provides permanently visible hair removal.

    Who is laser hair removal at home suitable for?

    Before worrying about purchasing a device, it is important to understand that laser hair removal is not suitable for all skin and hair types.

    IPL is most effective on light to medium skin tones, and hair varies from dark blonde to brown to black, says Dr. Rietzler. The technique is not effective on very blonde, red, gray, or white hair that has little or no melanin to absorb the light.

    How to Prepare for Laser Hair Removal at Home

    Have you really trusted to try laser hair removal at home? At first I didn't, but after watching various YouTube videos on the process, it seemed easier than applying mascara. But more than that, I was intrigued by its value and convenience.

    After all, the Braun Silk Expert Pro 5 ($330; bedbathandbeyond.com ), the third and latest generation of the brand's IPL devices. According to this device, hair growth is permanently reduced in just four weeks.

    The most difficult part of laser hair removal at home is sitting to read the instructions. I was worried that it would be painful and I would not know what to do. I worried that I would find a way to break the product on my first attempt. But when I finally got around to opening the package, I realized how incredibly easy everything was.

    No need to commute, no need to make appointments, no need to worry about hygiene in the salon. Also, some people find it uncomfortable to have to expose their bodies to strangers, Rietzler explains.

    The whole point of laser hair removal is to avoid the need for shaving, plucking, or waxing, but in reality, you need to shave before each session. Waxing and plucking remove the hair roots while shaving simply cuts the hair to the surface of the skin. Laser hair removal also requires shaving so that the hair follicles remain, as the roots need to be targeted for effective removal.

    Both IPL light and laser impulses reach the hair follicles through the melanin, explains Leitzler. This stimulation has a "damaging" effect on the roots and after a few treatment sessions, inhibits the roots from producing new hair.

    What to Expect When Using Laser Hair Removal at Home

    The Braun Silk Expert Pro 5 Provides a very straightforward procedure. First, connect the device to an electrical outlet and press any button to activate it. Press the device firmly against your skin and the LED on the power bar will light up. The white LED indicates that a valid skin color has been detected. If there is no light, there is no contact with the skin. Red LED indicates invalid skin color or full contact with the skin has not been detected. There are two methods you can try. For small areas like the armpits, we recommend the stamping technique, where you press and release the treatment button and then lift it with each flash to move to the next adjacent area. For larger areas like the legs, try the gliding method where you hold down the treatment button and glide along the area.

    Does the price matter?

    When I first started looking for a home laser hair removal device, I noticed that some are sold for as low as $50 and others for around $400.

    The device I chose is certified by the Skin Health Alliance, approved by the FDA, and uses a special technology that measures the skin's color 80 times per second. Therefore, during the treatment, the energy level is adjusted to the optimal level," says Rietzler. "In addition, the Silk Expert Pro 5's highest power factor (i.e., fastest repetition rate, shortest time between individual flashes at high energy) results in fast treatment times and nearly continuous movement when the device is used in gliding mode."

    Other devices can take several seconds from one flash to the next, Rietzler adds, and if the device moves too fast, coverage can be uneven.

    The most important question: Does it hurt?

    Honestly, no! Silk Expert Pro5 has three settings. The Silk Expert Pro5 has three settings: three indicator lights for standard, two lights for mild, and one light that is the lowest light intensity with a fast flash rate for very mild. I started with a very gentle environment, worried that it would hurt. It didn't. After the first flash I turned it up to the second setting and again, felt almost nothing. The standard setting gives a warm feeling to the flashing area.

    I used it on my armpits, bikini line, upper lip and legs. My upper lip felt the most sensation from any area, followed by my bikini line. This was similar to a noticeable tingling sensation, as opposed to the warm sensation in my legs and armpits. However, I never felt any pain.

    I could not believe how fast the process was. Using the device on all four areas took me less than ten minutes a week.

    How long does it take for laser hair removal at home?

    For each area to be treated, you need to wait for a week and then treat again. In the startup phase, expect to see results within the first 4 to 12 weeks. After three treatments, I noticed that my upper lip was almost completely free of the mild mustache that once lived there. The hair on my armpits, bikini line and legs gradually decreased. Where it was once dark and coarse, I noticed that after each treatment it became lighter and finer until by the eighth week almost all the hair was gone.

    If it takes longer than expected, don't assume it won't work. If some hair is still growing after a certain number of sessions, it could be hair that has been overlooked because it is dormant rather than in the growth phase.

    As for maintenance, continue every one to two months depending on your needs.